When I was 16, I always wanted to buy my own phone. I had the craze of having a phone. I used to think that when I’ll have a phone, life will be so perfect.

I got the phone, finally. Life didn’t become perfect. I wanted to have a better phone than I already had thinking, life will be so perfect when I’ll have a better phone.

I got a better phone. Life was still the same. Then, I started thinking that when I’ll have a laptop, life would be perfect.

And, yeah, I got it. But, again, life was the same.

Then I realized that maybe my life was always perfect. It was amazing from the start. Everyone’s life is perfect. We all just want more and more and more and than, a little more. We just get stuck in ‘more’ and never enjoy our own perfect lives.

How I wrote my best article so far

I am a beginner level writer. VERY beginner. With my average grip on vocabulary and very elemental English language skills, I try to produce my masterpieces whenever I write. I haven’t written many of the articles. My best article so far was the one with the title “Detoxify your thoughts; eat healthy food” assigned to me by a youth organization I’ve joined for more than a year. Now, it was probably the first health/food related blog I wrote, so I had to do some research on it as well.

So, what I did first is that…

I Outlined the article

Okay, so, the main goal of the article was to tell people to eat healthy so that they can detoxify their negative thoughts. Or, what foods to have if someone wants to detoxify his thoughts. I had to merge both of these in just one main article.

My outline was

  • Why the brain generates toxic thoughts?
  • HOW the brain generate toxic thoughts?
  • What foods shall we have that detoxify the thoughts?
  • How these foods help(or what type of chemicals and vitamins they contain that help) purify thoughts?

I gave an introduction of the main word(Toxic Thoughts)

Whatever you are writing, you have to explain it a little bit at the beginning of the article so that the reader knows which type of content will he go through. I did the same. I explained how today’s world has become so modern it continuously produces negative thoughts in one’s mind.

I Explained the biological Phenomenon that takes place in the brain during the process

I had to give scientific facts and proofs that what actually happens when a brain starts doing the described behavior. What circumstances force it to do so. And what chemicals it releases that do the job. Well, I put in some hours to research about it so that there won’t be any information that’s actually not true.

I wrote about the Curative Chemicals

After telling what happens in the brain when it produces the negative vibes. I explained a little about the chemicals that can reduce, or even vanish, these negative-vibe-giving chemicals.

I described about some of the foods(one by one) that help us think more positive and feel happy

Now, I had to describe that what foods contain these curative chemical compounds in them that can help us in thinking more pleasant thoughts. Certain types of foods contain certain types of chemicals that benefit us in different ways. So, I had to research about it again. I got some of the basic information about these foods and tried my best to explain it in the best way.

Now, as I said at the beginning of the article that, I am a beginner level writer. I got thirteen stars(likes) on WordPress, the highest I’ve ever received. And the funny thing is that these likes were not for the ‘my best article‘, it was for another article which, I think, is not my best one.

What made this article the best for me?

My dedication and hard work for the research and proofreadings. I wanted it to be the best, so I gave my best, and it came out to be the best(at least to me).

Pandemic; A Blessing?

March, 2020-January, 2021.

A very little things changed during this period physically for me(they could have changed if I would’ve tried, though). But if I talk about the spirituality or the psyche and perspectives about life, they changed completely in a way I never had thought they’d be. They changed very easily but steadily. What I mean by this is that I learned things by time. I learned things with different and weird experiences. I learned by spending A LOT of time with myself. In short, it took a considerable amount of time in transforming all my thoughts from 100 to 0 in case of complexities, and 0 to 100 in case of legitimacy and efficiency.

From a boy having complex and knotty thoughts and outlooks on life to a boy having no more than few of the simplest rules about life which I have started following(or maybe my nature has tend to follow them), and I heartily hope that I will be following them in my forthcoming life, I have changed.

I got transformed….

From a Worrier to a Worker

I would not say that I have started working 16 hours a day and have been producing my masterpieces everyday. But I will say that I have stopped worrying about my professional life. Here applies one of my most basic rules of life. When you work hard with an unyielding faith of having good results, there is no chance that the life is going to knock you out.

Of course, there will be competitions and oppressions of every kind. There will be anything one can possibly imagine, but worries. You know you’re doing your best than what’s the point of dismaying on times.

From a Selfish Soul(literally) into a Serving person

Ok, again, I won’t say that I have become a social worker and have started doing voluntary works. But, my point of view about living a consequential life has surely changed. We born, we live and we die. Simple. But what makes humans humans is that they serve each other. An the best soul on Earth is from whom people are availed.

Well, yeah, the second rule, serve as many people as you can in your life. This not only will give you a satisfaction but also will nourish your personality indirectly. I read in a book that when you give a flower to someone, some of it’s fragrance remains on your hand too.

We, using a line from the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, are just a blip on the canvas of eternity. We just live once and for a very short period as compared to the timeline of human beings. So, serve as many people as you can so that when you are long gone from here, there will be at least one person who could remember you and say that yeah, there was a fine man who has lived and I got a good fortune to meet him.

Moreover. I learned that…

Family is the most Valuable Treasure

There is a term being popular in the young generation called “Nihilism” which means that everything around us is baseless. One of my friend asked me a question using this term that why my family is raising me and taking care of me? I am just a student yet, I am not giving them anything in return. Instead, I am using their money for studies and food. This thing seems baseless to me. Well, it surely is baseless if we see it scientifically(and even theoretically too). Our parents are not bound to take care of us or we are not bound to obey them and take care of them. But if we see this point as a human and not as homo sapiens, the whole point is baseless. What makes us human is the sense of love; the sense of sentiments and affection. We naturally have an intention to take care of our children and try to give something in return to our parents(when we are able to give) who took care of us all along.

World has become so fast. People don’t have time for others. But having a feeling that there are some people who really care for us, who really wants us and to whom we really mean, gives us the strength to keep going and spreading love around us. I am not sure if I made my point clear but hopefully the following lines of Charles Bukowski will…

And when nobody wakes you up in the morning, and when no body waits for you at night, and you can do whatever you want. What do you call it, Freedom or Loneliness?” I will call it loneliness. Yeah, some harsh parts takes part in our family life. But, again, that is what makes us human and our lives our lives.

All Dots Are Connected

Everything that is happening to you now is the result of the things that has happened to you in the past. Correspondingly, the things that are happening to you now will matter in the near or far future. But the point is that how we react or think about these events, especially about the negative ones. My belief is that everything happens for the sake of your good. You can figure this out by yourself. The bad thing that happened to you in the past must’ve resulted into something good later.

So, there is no need to take things too seriously. Just hope for the good.

Life is short. You have potential. Work. Earn. Love. Serve. And be the hero of your own life.

Despite the fact that a lot of shocking things happened during this pandemic, but I learnt and understood the things described above during this time. So, yeah, pandemic was a blessing for me. (Maybe for everyone if we look on it the other way.)

Say no to the New-Year resolution!

Yes. We all know it. 2020 was one of the hardest and most confusing year for the whole world. Australian fires, deaths of well-known celebrities, Beirut blast incident and most importantly, the Corona Virus pandemic which not only took hundreds of thousands of lives but also stopped the world totally for several months.

Luckily, in 2021, the life is returning to the normal gradually(in most of the regions). And we, as we always do at the end of every year, have made some of the so called new year resolutions for ourselves. I’m going to be healthier this year; I’m going to be wealthier this year; I’m going to give more time to my family this new upcoming year. But guess what? We DON’T. We just can’t do it, you know. Changing our whole attitude towards things in just one night is impossible.

Than what shall we do? Be the same? NO! Instead of making new year resolution, start making…

A New-Life resolution

Now, the main concept of what I’m about to explain contains some of the main ideas of a video from a well-know motivational speaker, Prince EA. He tells a story of a man who was going somewhere to deal with his daily life works. He found an egg. An eagle’s egg. He brought it home, put it among the chickens he had at his home. After a day or two, the egg cracked and the baby eagle came out. He started living his life with those chickens. He lived like them, he ate like them and even he used to fly like them(at some small height as chickens do). Gradually, the eagle got old. One day he saw something in the sky. A big bird gliding over the sky majestically. He asked other chickens about it. “Oh that? That’s an eagle. The king of all birds. The master of the skies. But we belong to the ground. Because we are just chickens. Just don’t worry about him. You would never be that,” the other chicken responded. And that eagle lived and died as a chicken. Because that is what he thought he was.

This new year, it’s time to change; it’s time to be the eagle. It’s time to be at the place where you belong. It’s time to get shifted. But the question is, how much time will you take to make that shift? Well, it just take a moment to take that decision of taking the flight and being the master of your life. But the most important thing is maintaining that character, that rhythm and that potential not only throughout the year, but throughout your whole life.

You see, we make a decision of change and we soon forget it. Our excitement of changing ourselves disappears after two days, or weeks or months. We just can’t hold it. That is why you need to make a New-Life resolution.

I’ve been telling in my previous blogs that success is a process, not an event. We have to stick to the process to get the better things done. We have to make our each day valuable. We have to learn and grow every day. This is how legend works. This is how master of fates work. Stop thinking about a certain day(31st December) as your change-day every year. Change yourself everyday. Work on yourself everyday. This is how things are going to get better. So…..

Say no to the new-year resolution and make a new-life resolution.

—The video of Prince EA from which the concept is taken []

—Prince EA’s YouTube channel []

Importance of Self-management

What is Self-management?

Self management means managing your daily actions, being constantly focused on your long term projects, managing your time and even managing your thoughts.

-Why Self-Management is Important?

Self management is the most basic block of the building of a successful, happy, fully lived and most importantly a “meaningful” life. We all know that we only live once, we’re not going to get another life here on Earth. And we’re trying our best to get the most out of it. Well, without self management, it is impossible to live the life at your fullest potential.

Following are some basic points that can clarify the importance of self-management:

When you start managing yourself

-You become more Positive and Clear about your Thoughts:

Studies have shown that more than 50 thousand thoughts cross through an average person’s mind everyday. Funny thing is that huge amount of these thoughts are not even our own. They are the negative impact of the surrounding on our brain.

When you start managing and controlling the thoughts that enter your mind and allow only those you want to get in, you’re mindset starts getting clearer. You start knowing more about the things you have to do and the things you don’t have to do(most of them are the ones you shouldn’t even think about). Your focus and perspective about life becomes clear and ultimately you start living a really meaningful life. You stop wasting time chasing unachievable things.

-Your Work Life gets Better:

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a job, running your own business or you’re just studying yet, if you don’t have a proper management in it, you could never get the maximum output out of it. When you manage the proper time for different sectors of your work life, you less worry about the lack of time. You rather have more time to work on the details of your output which increase the quality of your work life and take it in the rare-air level.

-You create Harmony in your Relationships:

When you already had managed your time for work, you get to spend more time with your family and friends resulting in creation of a peaceful and happy environment in your relationships. Moreover, as you already had controlled your mind’s thoughts, you stop spending time with the wrong people and start spending more time with the people who truly care about you.

-You achieve Peak Health:

Being in the fittest condition you’ve ever been can be a complete game changer. It strongly effects almost every area of your life and strengthen it.

Well, most of us think that we already are healthy(maybe we’re right), but getting the peak health takes time, determination and most importantly—management.

When you manage your diet and your daily workout plans, you get yourself on the road to peak health. You become more curious about your diet; what nutrition or vitamins you should take or not; how many minutes or hours of the day you should devote to your workout plan.

In other words, you control your body completely and starts living a healthier life.

-You overcome your Spiritual World:

This is the era of confusion. Social media, somehow, can put some certain confusions about your religion or culture, which leads you to doubt it. This surely can cause you depression(in most of the people these days). When you manage your time for social media usage and control what type of content should appear on your screen, you make yourself free from these meaningless doubts.

-You are More Likely to Achieve your Goals:

We set certain goals in our lives to make sure we lived a meaningful life and we could make the most out of it. Ofcourse, this is impossible without self-management. Now, as you have conquered the worlds of your mindset, work, relationships and your spiritual world, what else has left that can hinder your struggle in achieving your life goals? Nothing….

So, start managing yourself, your daily rituals, your health and your work. It surely takes time but as we all know that “great things take time”.

Now a days, our youth is just wasting their time in meaningless activities without realising that there is a lot more to do in their lives. Self-management is essential to do these things.

Youth and Skills

Why Skills are Important?

Skill is a thing that can take you to your desired places. Whatever you want to achieve in your life, which mostly is getting an employment or establishing a successful business, is all based on skills. We see, now a days, most youth is unemployed and struggling hard for the jobs. Why do you think they don’t get the job even though they have good educational degrees? Well, there can be hundreds of reasons behind it but the main reason is ‘the lack of skills’ or the lack of experience. If those young people had enough skills, they would have gotten the job. Skill is the biggest and purest asset of a person. When you have a skill of some thing that you love to do, it’ll lead you to the main goal of your life. Skills expose your greatest self that’s hidden somewhere inside you. The more you nourish your skills, the more your doubts and fears decrease.

Why the Youth lack Skills?

The young people, these days, are trying to gain as much knowledge as they can. Stuffing their minds with words and not using their abilities to get the experience of the practical work of their respective fields of studies. Common reasons they give when asked why they actually don’t do the practical work of their fields are that, they don’t have resources, or they don’t have the right company to do the group work. Most importantly they think that it’s not the right time to do it yet.

Reasons are given, ignoring the fact that these challenges are the part of the skill development. These things challenge you and push you to your limits so that you could adopt more, learn more and create more. There is one more type of young people that don’t learn new skills because they are too lazy to do it. These people don’t have any idea that due to their ignorant behaviour, future could be so hard to them.

What Steps should be Taken to Promote the Skill Development in Youth?

Spreading awareness is the first step that should be taken to increase the skill development in youth, because most of the people don’t know the importance of the skills or what skills they should adopt that would help them in the near or far future. Voluntary works has to be done. Youth organisations are playing the most important role in this case.

Seminars should be held in schools, colleges and, most importantly, in universities because this is the part of students’ lives where they need this guidance the most.
Young minds should be given opportunities through different creative activities to let them discover their talents. One of the most precise and affective idea is to hold workshops for teachers and teach them how they should guide their students about this critical topic of skill development.

Skills and Earning:

People can use their abilities to earn money through freelancing during their study days(mostly in universities). Doing this will help them becoming financially independent and will give them enough work experience to get a good job. Most importantly, they learn how to deal with customers and do their businesses more affectively.

Problem these days is that students don’t know what skills they have or need to learn to do freelancing. Therefore, spreading awareness is the first thing that has to be done. Young people can do designing, writing, video editing, photography, web designing and other creative things to earn money online. Videography and photography can help in earning money not only online but also in physical world. Whatever skills people have, they just need to polish them to get on the level of earning through them.

4 Necessary skills that might help Young people in the future:

1- Communication skill:

No matter what job you’re doing, what field you’re studying in or what business you’re running, if you have good communication skills than others, you’re already one step ahead of them(even if they’re working on a higher post than you). When you have good communication skills, you attract people’s attention and your business grows. You discover new opportunities by meeting new people. You explore more minds which results new creative ideas that you can apply on your practical life to make it better. So, make good relations with others and get to know new people.

2- Digital Literacy:

Technology is ruling the world these days. Hundreds of people are being replaced every month by just one machine who can do the same work in an affective and precise way. So, in future, when there would be machines to do every work, what kind of people would get hired for the jobs? Obviously, the ones who know how to operate these machines. Youth should have(atleast) the basic knowledge of modern devices such as computers.

3- Accessing and analysing the Information:

When you work or study, you have to collect and analyse different types of information. When you know where to get all this information and how to analyse it to get the necessary and affective information, you rule your field of study/work.

One can master the skill of accessing and analysing the information by researching lots of websites that provide good information of your respective field and also by getting in consistent touch with different social media platforms.

4- Management Skill:

In our practical lives, we face a lot of situations and scenarios. Keeping a constant balance between our work, family, friends, financial issues can sometimes go messy and complicated. When you know how to manage things in a perfect way, you dodge all these problems easily. Mostly, the people who have good management skills don’t really take these all things as problems.

Thing to keep in mind here is that nobody is born with all these skills. You have to learn them. So, keep struggling, learning new skills and polishing the ones you already have.

8 Reasons why people give up on their dreams

We all have some goals. We all want to be someone in our lives that will reveal our real selves to the world and will tell the tale of our hard work, longevity, capacity, patience and faithfulness.

We have different goals. Some are related to our physicality and some to our spirituality. If everyone has a goal and wants to create impact on their lives as well as on the world, why we see so many miserable souls around us? In other words, why most of the people could not achieve their goals? What possible circumstances could happen during their journey to the legendary that stopped them from using their full potential?

Following are the 8 most common and basic reasons why people give up on their dreams:


People start thinking that they are not genetically or physically made to achieve what they have set for themselves. Some start thinking that their goal is far beyond their capacity limits. They fall in the dark well of doubt. They create a mindset that they don’t have in them what’s required to get their dreams done. This is the most basic reason why people give up on their dreams even before starting the process.

Instead of this people should believe in themselves. They should keep the thing in mind that every single thing our eyes are witnessing right now was once someone’s imagination who devoted their lives to bring that masterpiece in their minds into reality. So go big, set giants and never before considered dreams.


Once they conquer the castle of doubt in themselves, the new war begins; the fear of failure and achieving nothing in the end.

This is the most selfish reason why people could not craft the genius of their lives. Here’s why; a goal, in reality, is a thing that not only give you an immense amount of joy when achieved but it’ll also thrills you on the way of achieving it. All the pains you bear, all the difficult times you passed when you feel like losing everything, all the grindings will give you a unique happiness you’ve never sensed before. Others would see it suffering, you’ll see it like a blessing. So, the journey towards success is far more than merely achieving the final results. Most of the people do not understand this and care more about the final product than the joys of hustling and…..give up.

Keep a thing in mind—when you really start your pursuit with all the things you got, there’s a victory in each day, each hour and each second of your life.


Well, now, someone has somehow won the war of doubt and fear in themselves. Now he must go smoothly on the road he rolling on. No; there is a little bit fear left in his mind. The fear of being judged by the people around them.

‘This would be too awkward’. ‘What uncle Ben would think I’m doing’. ‘What aunt Dawson, who lives on the other corner of the city and to who has nothing to do with my buisness, would think about me’. People start thinking about the opinions of the people they don’t even know properly. They feel a strange kind of fear in their guts. Ultimately, they try to do the things that will help them to fit in the society instead of getting cut free from the herd and start running their own race.


Success is a process, not an event,”(Robin Sharma in The 5Am Club). It takes numerous patches of time containing struggle, grinding, patience and faith to conquer any giant work you want to.

Most of the people nowadays do not understand this simple yet important rule of life. They seek immediate results. And once they start training themselves for the mastery, they don’t regulate themselves. They do not stick to the process and the plan they have created to work on. Somedays long restless hours of ceaseless training, and the other days resting hours of zero work. This type of behaviour create complexities in their minds. The most dangerous effect of this behaviour is that they get bored or tired of the process as well as their goal and boom! They give up.

Instead, they should create proper schedules for the working and resting hours so the could move on with consistency.


People start comparing their progress with the other participants present chasing the same goal or, mostly, the people who have already achieved the same goal(let’s say becoming a well known journalist). This generates thoughts is their minds that they are not doing good enough and start doubting their capabilities without knowing the reality that every human being on walking on the planet has different capabilities and capacities to scan and extract the things. So, instead of comparing, they should believe in their own selves so they can keep up the pace.

6- NOT TRYING AGAIN(once failed)

We all know this, failure is the part of success. If you’re not failing, you’re not learning. All the successful people and the titans of industries failed numerous times before they created the real masterpiece of their lives.

Instead of showing a positive behaviour, people give up once they fail. And sometimes people take their low progress as a failure too. Problem these days is that we take all those things as failures that did not turn out as we wanted them to be. Okay, it absolutely hurts when we fail but what differs the icons from the also-rans is getting up again when life bring us down.


‘I don’t have talent’. ‘The thing I’m trying to achieve is too new to the society’. ‘I don’t have enough money(or resources)’. These excuses may produce in people’s minds in the beginning or maybe in the middle of the struggling phase. Well, these are relatable somehow but “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Somehow, somewhere, there’s always a solution to the problems one’s facing on his road to glory, he just need to find it. People, when create these type of illusions and excuses, lower their progress and most of the time simply give up.

(My belief is that when you start walking with the purest heart and soul with deepest faith to achieve a thing, nature starts helping you and opens every door and clears every road.)


People sometimes do not pay attention to the happenings around them that are related to their goals and can open doors to the new possibilities. For example, if you’re trying to be a good chef, missing a free cooking class session happening in the town just because you weren’t aware of is really a big deal. Some of the people are shy or don’t have enough confident to get in and grab the opportunity. Introverts face this problem the most. So, people always should be aware of the happenings and events related to their field so they could get more benefits from them.

These are the most common reasons why people give up on their dreams and the world loses some real heroes and virtuosos who could’ve served millions of lives and leave a legendary legacy behind them.

Detoxify your thoughts; eat healthy food

The world has become very fast. This is the era of competition and struggle.

This rapidness of world is the main cause of depression and the generation of toxic thoughts in most of the people nowadays. This continuous grinding of society leads our mind to think we’re not doing good enough and we start comparing ourselves with others and start thinking about the things that would probably not happen ever. An excessive use of technology has played an important role in this case.

Our brain, no doubt, is the most important organ of the body which helps us think, take decisions and survive according to our environment. One bad thing about this complex yet important organ is that it is negativity biased. It scans the surrounding and focus more on the negative issues of our lives than the positive ones. Ultimately, we start overthinking and fear which ends up having toxic thoughts.

This process is occurred in a part of brain called Right Prefrontal Cortex(part of Prefrontal Cortex; an organ responsible for generating emotions). This, when detects danger or insecurity, starts releasing Cortisol(the fear hormone) which forces us to think negatively and we end up having the most possible toxic thoughts about a certain thing.

Contrarily, to create an equilibrium for this situation, our brain generates some ‘feel good’ hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine which makes us feel more happy and develops good mood which bases the positive thoughts.

These hormones are automatically generated in brain when needed. But, to feel more good and detoxify our thoughts, we can manage a healthy food and nutrition intakes which contains the chemicals like caffeine, choline, vitamin B, carbohydrates, fats like omega-3s and tyrosine which boosts the production of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.

Following are some foods one can have in some specific amount to boost his good mood and happiness levels:


Having some amount of fatty fish like Salmon and Sardines regularly can help to prevent mind from negative thoughts. Fishes contains fatty acid omega-3s that helps the production of more grey matter in brain and helps improving the mood and decreasing the depression.


Coffee contains high amount of caffeine and antioxidants. Caffeine helps creating serotonin which causes the happiness and mood boosts in us.

▪️Dark Chocolates:

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids , caffeine and antioxidants . Flavonoids and antioxidants have their other specific benefits but caffeine, as in coffee, boosts the happiness levels and positivity by generating serotonin.


The deep-yellow spice, mostly used as the main household spice in most of the Asian countries, has found as an important source for the generation of dopamine and serotonin which both improves mood, make us feel more happier and ease the depression.

▪️Lean Meat:

Lean meat contains tyrosine. Having lean meat like beef, chicken or turkey increases the level of tyrosine in our body which generate norepinephrine and dopamine. These two hormones enhances mental clarity, focus and mood.


Eggs contain nutrients like choline and vitamin B(folate and B12). Choline helps creating a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine that boosts the positivity levels as well as the happiness levels in us. Studies have shown that having less amount of folate and B12 increases the depression. This risk can be reduced by having enough amount of eggs regularly which will provide us these two essential nutrients.

Besides having a perfect healthy diet, exercising regularly also increases the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine.

Exercising daily also causes the phenomenon known as neurogenesis which means that when we exercise, we produce new neurones in our brain which can help us feel more happy, alive and positive.

What is the meaning of success to you?

The word ‘Success’ is more deeper than any of us have ever imagined. I’m pretty sure that the answer would be no more than the silence if anybody asks you ‘What is the meaning of success to you?’

If you dive right into the depths of this word, numerous answers and results would pop out.

For some, success is having a million dollar in their bank accounts and some would agree to the point that having an 80 grands job is enough to be called successful. Other ones would claim that the success is nothing but the mental satisfaction and inner peace. Some would say that being loved by the ones we love is real success.

Every answer you find would have different meaning from the other.

Success can not be defined in one sentence, said Muriel James in her book Born To Win.

So with which point should YOU agree?

The fact is that, success is unique for every person. As every human being on the planet have different nature, mindsets, goals, way of living their lives and the way they see the world, the meaning of success is also different to them.

For a stance, a boy who has enough—or—more than enough money in his account but is deprived of the love he deserves or expect from his loved ones would ultimately take the meaning of success as being loved.

Similarly, if we think in exactly an opposite way that a boy who has fetched enough love from family, friends and society would definitely think that the true meaning of success is having a lot of money.

We see so many influential and famous personalities around us having everything one can possibly desire of but still being uncomfortable and seeking the meaning and purpose of their lives. They see the meaning of success as living a meaningful life.

Hollywood legend Jim Carrey once said, ”I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer

Everyone finds the meaning of success in a different way. So of you want to know the real meaning of success, ask your inner self. It can give you a better answer.